Prices include MN sales tax of 6.875% with your doctor’s referral.
Otherwise, sales tax will be added. Ask for a referral form to take to your
doctor and return it on your next appointment.

I will provide you with a bill should you wish to bill your insurance company.

Injuries sustained in an auto accident are treated with your doctor’s referral. 

I’m fortunate to have Margi in my building for a convenient trip to get a massage. Her technique is unusual but very effective – I always feel great after Margi has worked on my tired body! ~Grace McNamara, St. Paul, MN  

I came to Margi with chronic neck problems and tendonitis in the shoulders. Not only am I able to receive great physical relief but nourishment and healing for body and soul. Thanks for the enCOURAGEment, it’s needed! ~Laurie Pigeon, White Bear Lake, MN