The continuing thread throughout Margi’s professional career is her weaving of passion for the process of transformation and integrative health disciplines. After over a decade of working in medical and mental health clinics, health clubs, and chiropractic centers, practicing myofascial release therapy, specifically John Barnes method, was a natural fit.

She maintains an active studio as a healing facilitator with kids to active, older adults. “I am very fortunate to be in a field as vast and as technically grounding as bodywork.

“As fascinating, complex and rewarding as we may fashion our lives, I know how readily we can sometimes get off-track. Whether you seek a brief time-out to rest your mind and soul, or you wish to address long-standing pain issues, you are welcomed at Body Balance Therapies.”


B.A. German/Speech Communications, St. Cloud State University, 1983, St. Cloud, MN
M.A. Counseling Psychology, John F. Kennedy University, 1991, Orinda, CA
Certified in Massage Therapy, Deep Tissue training, McKinnon Institute, 1988, Oakland, CA
Myofascial Release Seminars, John F. Barnes Seminars and Workshops, Paoli, PA, 1998-present

  • Medical Massage, August 2013, Ross Turchaninov, MD, Phoenix, AZ
  • Myofascial Release I, St. Louis, MO,
  • Myofascial Unwinding, Sedona, AZ
  • Myofascial Release II, Sedona, AZ
  • Advanced Myofascial Unwinding, Sedona, AZ
  • Cervical-Thoracic Myofascial Release, Chicago, IL
  • Myofascial Rebounding, Cambridge, MA
  • Fascial-Pelvis Myofascial Release, Bloomington, MN
  • Subtle Energy Therapy, Sedona, AZ
  • Myofascial Release III, Sedona, AZ
  • Quantum Leap, Sedona, AZ

Licensed by NCBTMB #5250396, National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Scheduling an appointment with Margi is well worth your time and money! She should be called the ‘body whisperer’ because she can easily detect what area needs to be worked on! ~Lynn Cornwell, White Bear Lake, MN

Over the years, Margi has applied myofascial release to my tired, sore muscles and miraculously, they loosen. Her skills so exceed those trained in standard massage, there is no comparison. I never leave without tips–from diet, to breathing to exercises for home. But it’s not only that–it’s who she is–a super bright mind and personality committed to her client’s wellness. ~Lura Jensen, White Bear Lake, MN